In October 2015 born out of a lifelong passion for surfing, and knowing that I didn’t want to do something conventional in life, along with my partner Kim, we started Living the Dream Surf School.


Owners of Living the Dream Surf School.

Setting up shop

We set up camp on Durban’s Vetches Beach, and I set about giving surf lessons to people of all ages and nationalities, teaching them to surf in Durban’s sunny climate and warm ocean, on perfect beginner waves, helping them discover the stoke and learn something they never thought possible.

After a few months and an awesome response, we decided to move our surf camp onto the promenade at Addington Beach. We set up camp between the palm trees on the grass patch between Ushaka Marine World and Surf Riders Café. Since then, we have met some of the most awesome people that life has to offer and made some incredible friends, me doing what I love teaching people to surf and Kim doing what she loves, taking bookings, putting people at ease and getting to know the whole beach front. We truly are living our dream.


Providing people with an all round awesome experience, from the time they first make contact to the end of their 1st ever surfing experience, teaching people how to surf and adding to their holiday experience, has become our passion.

At Living the Dream Surf School, we strive to make sure that you leave with more than you came with, we teach that surfing is not just a sport, but a remedy for life and a fun way to push yourself beyond the boundaries. It is a great way to relieve stress and forget about the daily grind, staying healthy, and enjoying beach life.

Whether your goal is to learn to surf, progress to become an avid surfer or just have fun in the water with your friends, you having an epic experience learning to surf, is top of our list to do.

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